Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who can join this Group?

A. Anyone who attended the St Andrew's Schools in Blantyre Nyasaland, (now Malawi), as a Pupil or a Staff Member. Our period of 'Focus' is "The Federal Period", (1953-1964), but coverage is given to other periods also. Other interested parties are also welcome.

Q. How do I join and what does it cost?

A. You can join-up by completing the Registration Form on the REGISTER page on this WebSite. There is NO Membership Fees or costs in joining, or remaining a Member of the Group. However at the insistence of the Members there is a voluntary "Donation" scheme to help support the running cost of the Site and the Journal. 
Details of this appear in each issue of the Journal. 

Q. What does the Group do?

A. We track down and make contact with all Ex-Saints throughout the World. Once found we register their information in a Database that is available only to other Saints. We maintain contact with all the Members through the Monthly free Journal. We also arrange and set-up 'Get-Togthers' and Reunions in various centers throughout the World. In addition we continue to research the History of the School and the Country etc, collect items, photographs and stories and from time-to-time, produce Booklets, CDs etc containing this information. We also publish all stories etc in the monthly Journal. In addition we reproduce all the current Newsletters put out from the Schools on a monthly basis.

Q. What does the Journal contain and can I submit articles and pictures?

A. The monthly Journal publishes "Sign-Ins" and the life-stories received from the Saints. It covers such items as 'Sick Reports', 'In Memoriam', (where we report on, and remember, those who are no longer with us), 'Birthday Book', 'Comments', 'Stories' and 'Photographs'. Also information on, and from, Saints Reunions wherever they take place. There are also sections on 'Malawi News', 'News from the Schools', 'Memory Corner', 'Reproductions' from the Original SAHS Magazines and other Publications, as well as news and memories from all the Saints, including Pre- and Post-Federal Saints. 

We also investigate and Research the History of the School and the Country.

Any Member of the Group is welcome to send in any articles, general eMail, photographs or whatever to the Editor for inclusion - and in fact is encouraged to do this. NOTE - Anything sent into the Editor is considered "usable material" for the Journal unless you state that it "is NOT for publication!"

Q. How often is the Journal published and how is it distributed and in what format?

A. The Journal is published each month on, or around, the 15th and it goes out electronically via the Internet. The standard format that it is distributed in is ISO Standard PDF format. To be able to read this format you need to have installed on your computer a free PDF Reader. The standard, (and recommended), PDF Reader for Windows is "FoxIt" which is available from www.foxit.com.

Other PDF Readers are available on the Net for Windows. (Mac and Linux machines have a PDF Reader installed by default).

Many of you may have the alternative Adobe PDF Reader already on your computers, which is also suitable. If not it is readily available on many program CDs these days or can be downloaded from www.adobe.com. This however is a very large program and is not as fast as Foxit.

Double Click on any PDF file that you receive or Download and it will automatically start the Reader program and open the file for you. Alternatively Right Click on the file that you receive and select 'Save as ...' to save the file to your Hard Drive. Then you can start the PDF Reader from the 'Start Button', under 'Programs', and once running select 'File Open' to select your saved file. 

From August 2008 our distribution system changed and we no longer "Attach" the 
Journal to an eMail. Instead a "Notification Letter" is sent out and it contains a "Hotlink" that when clicked will direct you to the Journal now stored on Google Cloud. You can either read it directly on-screen or select 'File > Download' to download a copy to your computer.

If any member has a problem with this in any way please contact the Editor.

Q. I know an ex-Saint who dose not have a computer, can they still get the 

 Yes! For those that do not have their own computer or Internet connection at home or work, printed copies are available, (in Black & White only), and these can be posted by "SnailMail". The recipient must however supply SAEs and stamps, monetary payment or IRCs to cover the cost of the postage. There are also several Saints in different parts of the World who support local Saints without Internet connections, or computers, by sending, or delivering, copies of the 
Journal to them. Contact the Editor for more info on this.

Q. I'm planning a trip to 'Country X' - Can I get information of all the Saints living there?

A. Yes - just send details to the Editor in an eMail and a printout, (in RTF or doc format), will be sent back to you of all contacts in that Country or City. The only "rule" with this is that you have to send in a report of your trip, (with photos), for the Journal!!

Q. I would like to write directly to my old School Mate/"Flame" can I get their contact information?

A. Yes - Just send in the names of the people you would like to contact to the Editor and all the contact information will be sent to you by return. 

Q. Is my information safe with the Group?

 Yes! As safe as it can be! NONE of the personal information will be sold, passed on or used for ANY other reason other than for the 
Journal and personal eMails and will only be given to other Saints, who request it, on a one-to-one basis!! So if you are interested in tracing an old friend or "flame" you can eMail the Editor and, if the info is in the Database it will be supplied to you directly in a personal eMail. If we don't have the details as yet, we will "flag" your request and once we get the contact information it will be passed along to you. 

IMPORTANT - If you are using Windows we strongly advise that all your computers be protected with up-to-date Anti-virus and Firewall software and that you do a monthly scan for Malware etc. 

Linux users do not need to do this unless they wish to protect any files they receive and wish to pass them on to Windows users.


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