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St. Andrew's Schools
Mission, Preparatory & High - in Blantyre (Nyasaland/Malawi)
Past Pupils, and Staff Group

Who attended the Schools during the Federal Period (1956 -1964). 
As well as any other Pre- and Post-Federal Saints, and other interested persons.

The School Entrance - 2013

This site, and the companion, free, monthly, electronic FS Journal (Newsletter), is Edited, co-ordinated and run by Ian "Witty" Whitfield in Pretoria, South Africa. It is open to all Pupils and Staff of all the St Andrew's Schools, (Now 'Saint Andrew's International High School' - SAIntS, and 'St Andrew's International Preparatory School' - SAIPS), situated in Blantyre Malawi, (previously Nyasaland). The main focus of the Group and the Journal is the opening years of the High School which was "The Federal Period". ie the time when Nyasaland was a part of the 'Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland', (1956 to 1964). However free participation in the Group is open to any St Andrew's Pupil or Staff Member, (past or present), or any other interested persons.The primary object of the Group is to track down and bring together all the ex-Saints from this, and other, periods; To publish the stories and pictures submitted by them in the monthly Journal and on this WebSite and to encourage and organize Reunions and "Get-Togethers". Also to help old friends and colleague to make contact again and where possible even meet with each other once again. We also study and record the History of the School and the Country, report on current News and events as well as all related subjects of interest.The Group is a 'Non-Profit' Organization funded on a voluntary basis by the Members.To become a Member of the Group select the REGISTER page, fill in your details and submit the Form. An automatic reply will be generated and you will be contacted directly, by the Editor, shortly thereafter. If you are unable to do this please send your details to the Editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once you are confirmed as a Member you will automatically start receiving the FREE monthly FS Journal.

The original FS Newsletter and all the backnumbers of the FS Journal can also be downloaded through the PUBLICATIONS page.
In addition to this, the site includes an Photo Gallery and the Saints Shop. Other pages, such as the 'History of the School' are being added to from month to month.

I take this opportunity to welcome you all aboard!!It's nice to get together with you all again!! 



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